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Testimonials for Mr.Mahajan's Book : - Customer Value Investment: Formula for Sustained Business Success
Mahajan's Customer Guru is the classic must read for all executives. It's a work that will endure as a classic, thanks to its story-telling and problem-solving approach to convey the fundamentals of customer value management. 

Patricia Seybold
CEO, The Patricia Seybold Group and author of, The Customer Revolution, and Outside Innovation.
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Written in a very readable style with many live examples to which most readers will easily relate, Gautam Mahajan's book on Customer Value will be very useful to corporates in India,and provide a very powerful basis for understanding and implementing Customer Value as an effective support to top management. Would also be of value to students of management as a tool which is likely to be increasingly used in the future as markets and products become more competitive.

Arvind Pande
Former Chairman Steel Authority of India Ltd.
This book systematically develops the concepts of Customer Value and not only provides insights into the processes whereby customers buy competitive products and services but provides the means to measure and manage these and so create competitive advantage. Mahajanís passionate championship of CVM is an invaluable addition to the thinking manager's library .

Larry Malarkar,
Regional Director Sales & Marketing, Starwood Hotels South Asia and ex-VP Sales & Marketing, The Oberoi Group of Hotels.
Gautam Mahajan's extremely user friendly book on Customer Value goes beyond merely defining and explaining the potential of this relatively new management tool. It is a step-by-step working manual that will be useful for both experienced managers as well as aspiring students.

Tara Sinha,
Tara Sinha Associates, was head of Clarion Advertising and Mcann Erickson (then Tara Sinha Mcann), and IIT Delhi Advisory Board.
Gautam Mahajan has written a powerul, practical guide to make a business of any size successful by truly placing customers at the center of its strategy. Gautam has taken a complex subject and rendered it easy to read. His practical, powerful content is freshly presented as a case study that involves "live characters" with whom a reader from virtually any sized business can easily relate and demonstrates how to develop and implement a customer-focused strategy.. Unique.

Harvey Thompson,
Former Global Executive for Customer Value Management Consulting at IBM, and author of The Customer Centered Enterprise.
I have always believed that the organizations exist for its customers. In that context, it is an endeavour of every company to bring out the customer focus in each of its managers. Often, this is not an easy transformation especially in large organizsations, for the very systems and processes that are so necessary in running these corporations become road blocks that need to be overcome in pursuit of customer excellence. The book, written in a story book style captures the case of a company and its people who work with a customer Guru to implement Customer Value Management and Customer Value Added concepts in their company. Customer Centricity is one of the most talked subjects in the corporations today and perhaps the most elusive. The book comes across with a breadth of fresh air as it systematically describes useful concepts and new metrics for measurement that would allow managers to reflect on how they can create value for customers and make organisations customer centric in a lucid manner. I wish the book a great success.

B. Muthuraman,
Managing Director, Tata Steel
Foreword to Gautam Mahajanís classic:
Customer Value Investment: Formula for Sustained Business Success
Ever since I discovered that satisfaction did not lead to loyalty, which led to the concept of Customer Value Management, I have been interested in promoting CVM, its art and science. It has been proven that creating a competitive advantage in Customer Value leads to increased market share, profitability and shareholder value, all of utmost concern to companies

CVM has come a long way since I postulated the concept while working for AT&T in the 1980ís. Since then, through CVM Inc.'s global network, we have worked with many companies around the world.

Gautam Mahajan is CVM Inc.'s associate in India. He is also one of the finest consultants in the field. He has great ideas and practical advice. He delivers what he promises. He has worked with CVM clients in America and Asia. I have worked with him in the US and in India over the last few years. He has done a lot to promote successful use of Customer Value Management

I believe his new book, Customer Guru will make a great contribution to the field. It is easy to read and understand, told in a story format.

Gautam's book tells why CVM is important. But is main focus is on implementation. He shows how to and what results when a company transforms itself into a customer centric organization.

I recommend this book to all management practitioners, not just marketing people and operations executives. Finance, R&D, HRD and other executives have found the art and science of Customer Value Management to their own benefit. Vodafone's Managing Director for Australia, Graham Maher who is quoted in the book said:

The CVM score was a leading indicator of Vodafone's market share. We were able to predict market share, a quarter out using CVM data to within 1% accuracy! And it predicted churn (loss of Customers) accurately. In fact our Financial Director said, "the CVM score is more rigid and correct than any of our financial scores."
Read Gautam’s book and see why for yourself.

Ray Kordupleski,

President CVM Inc. and author of Mastering Customer Value
Management: The Art and Science of Creating Competitive Advantage


Testimonials for Mr.Mahajan's Book : - Total Customer Value Management: Transforming Business Thinking

In a global and increasingly competitive marketplace, creating customer value is not an option – it is imperative to sustainable profitability and competitive superiority. There are two reasons that most companies struggle to create customer value. First, their definition of customer value is company-centric. Second, they fail to coordinate all of the moving parts that yield value in the customer experience. Gautam’s Total CVM provides the practical know-how for meeting these pitfalls head on. If you’re looking for a guide to optimize value management in your organization and get results, this is it.

Scott M. Broetzmann, President & CEO, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting

Total CVM is a path breaking concept guiding the company, and the employees to become Customer-centric, and by so doing create shareholder wealth. Total CVM is the latest management practice that should make the Customer revolution happen much like the quality revolution. It will transform the readers thinking and will benefit corporate returns by making value creation the prime task of employees and the company.

Patricia Seybold, CEO The Patricia Seybold Group and author of The Customer Revolution,, Outside Innovation

I was a fan of CVM, but reading Gautam’s innovative ideas on Total CVM and transforming business thinking to build a 360 degree focus on Customers and driving shareholder wealth tells me that CVM as known before is passé. Total CVM is the next significant management technique since Total Quality Management, and all managers should read this book to create value for themselves and their companies.

Arvind Pande, former Chairman and Managing Director SAIL, and Management Advisor

I believe “Total Customer Value Management” is certainly the next practice in Customer focus and at setting best practices in “Customer Experience”. Starting with novel ways of ensuring Do’s & Don’ts in serving customers to building customer circles, establishing customer strategy & bill of rights for customer to ensure innovation in customer service and enhancing customer experience. This definitely is the way to learn and adopt to meet rising legitimate customer expectations.

Ashok Sethi, Vice President – Mumbai Operation, Tata Power

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of reading your book. I think you have some excellent ideas and put them forth well.

Unfortunately, my existing commitments prevent me from commenting on the book publicly, in the form of a blurb, but I wish you much success with this book.

Keith Dawson, Principal Analyst-Information & Communication Technologies, Frost & Sullivan

Customer value, its delivery and management are words used very liberally in management jargon.  However its definition, measurement and on ground delivery always left me with many open ended  questions.  These got addressed when we  applied Total CVM described in Gautam’s book very  successfully  by putting Total CVM in our balanced score card, measuring value we deliver, rolling out Customer circles in various States, and measuring Customer Value and driving value through our delivery chain and channel partners, using the concept of dealer brand equity. I strongly recommend Gautam’s pioneering book, because it has potential to transform your thinking and significantly improve your business results.

Kapil Mehan, Executive Director, Tata Chemicals

From adapting the learning to their own setting. The book may not enhance the expert reader’s knowledge about leadership in the classroom. But the authors have done an excellent job in creating useful knowledge that can be leveraged by practising teachers to create a transformational classroom experience.

Tirthankar Nag, Associate Professor, International Management Institute, Kolkata

Gautam’s book on Total CVM is a classic, and makes a valuable contribution to managerial literature and transformation. It is easy to read, understand and most important, effectively implementable. To win in business you must create value, value for the customers, employees and shareholders. Beating the competition at creating value requires focus and alignment of all departments of a company.  Gautam’s book brings new principles and practices such as continuous customer improvement programs, customer performance management systems, circle of promises and the MBA of the future.  Driving your business strategy from a customer value first strategy will help you create a winning sustainable competitive advantage. The Total CVM approach and the case studies in this “how to” book make it a must read for all managers. 

Ray Kordupleski is the father of CVM, and President of Customer Value Management, Inc. and author of Mastering Customer Value Management”


Total Customer Value Management (Total CVM) is a new management conecpt that aligns the entire company to the customer. It expounds the value of employees and the building of their self esteem, awareness and engagement.

Business India (Fortnightly), Mumbai, 12 June 2011

It is a must read for all managers and academicians who really believe in customer supremacy and are looking out for pragmatic ways to implement it across the organization. The book definitely makes a significant contribution into CVM, a comparatively virgin area.

S.C. Makani, Associate Professor, PGDAV College (University of Delhi), Lajpat Nagar

Foreword to Gautam Mahajan’s classic:

Total Customer Value Management: Transforming Business Thinking

This Book is a follow-up to the author’s best-selling book Customer Value Investment: Formula for Sustained Business Success (SAGE, 2008). The book explains how employee brand equity builds corporate brand equity, and how companies can increase profits and competitive advantage through Customer Value Transformation.

Total Customer Value Management (Total CVM) is a new management concept going far beyond CVM. Total CVM aligns the entire company to the Customer. It expounds the value of employees and the building of their self-esteem, awareness and engagement, and expands the concept of Customer Strategy, Customer Circles and Continuous Customer Improvement Programmes, Value Pricing, the roles of departments such as HRD and Finance, and measuring Customer and Employee Value Added,

The author clarifies that we do not have to manage the customer. We have to just add value to him. For this purpose, he outlines a seven-step framework:

1. Business strategy must be customer-driven.
2. Build the culture by ensuring attitudes arecustomercentric.
3. Make customer excellence the cornerstone of your
organizational transformation process.
4. Understand your customer and his needs.
5. Treat every customer as an individual.
6. Processes must be customer-driven and customerfriendly.
7. Customer-centric reporting systems.

Insightfully illustrated with case studies, caselets, tables and graphs, the book shows how big companies in India are embracing Total CVM to effect organizational transformation.