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.: Asia and India Business Development
We start working for you when you look for Business Development and start to think International, Asia, or India. We identify opportunities, provide market data and studies, formulate entry strategies, determine risk, find partners or help you come into India on a 100% owned basis. We provide administrative, legal, accounting and due diligence services, and help direct your project all the way into manufacturing.

We provide ongoing services for foreign businesses in India. This could be by joining your Board or by providing continuing advice, restructuring business or partnerships, financing and acquisitions, and by future business and strategy development.

We have worked in USA, Europe, Middle East, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, and China

We have a global associates in USA, Latin America, Europe, Australia and China. This will help our clients enter countries globally and for foreign companies from around the world to enter to enter India.
.: Strategy for, and Globalization of Indian Companies
With the opening up of India to multinationals and foreign competition, Indian companies need to look at their businesses differently. They need to strengthen themselves to take on foreign competition and to be survivors and leaders in the new millennium. They have to start thinking of the world as their marketplace. INTER-LINK helps companies develop strategies for the future and for globalization. We help companies with changing the mind-set, and with Customer Value Management.

Our years of International experience helps Indian companies develop global plans and competitive strategies

We also help Indian companies to enter foreign companies directly and through our global associates
.: Customer Value Foundation
Inter-Link has started The Customer Value Foundation to help companies with strategies for, and implementation of Customer Value Management. For a brief description, Click here
For detailed information, Click here to visit the Customer Value Foundation website.
.: Success Factors
  Our clients find success through us because:
  • We understand the needs of foreign companies and we understand India
  • While we think strategically, we act operationally; thus we move fast
  • INTER-LINK partners have lived and worked in Asia, US and Europe
  • We do due diligence. We do things the right way without unnecessary shortcuts
  • We have a proven track record
  • We have multidisciplinary experience
  • We have high ethical and professional standards
  • Our advice has saved clients time, money and effort, and minimized risk and increased profitability
.: Key Services
  • Projects
  • Ventures
  • Licensing
  • Partner Search
  • Globalisation
  • Collaborations
  • Start-up Services
  • Technology Transfer
  • Changing the Mindset
  • Customer Value Foundation
  • Entry and Business Strategies
  • Marketing and Marketing Services
  • Troubleshooting, Evaluations/Audits
  • Representing Foreign Companies in India
  • Legal, Financial and Management Services
.: Business Areas
  • Business Advisory Services
  • The InfraStructure Group
  • The Support Services Group
    (Legal/Financial/Placement/Insurance/Market Studies/ Communications/Government Approvals)
  • The Asia Group including Market Development
  INDUSTRY SEGMENTS INCLUDE: Metals, Telecom, Power, Packaging, Plastics, Agri Industries, Food and Beverage, Machinery, Paints, Petrochemicals, Building and Construction, Insurance, Financial Services, Information Technology, Cement, Furniture, Fertilizers