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Book: Customer Value Investment
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Book: Customer Value Investment
Click here to order your copy
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January 22, 2010 3rd CVF CXO Forum HRD (Mumbai) joint collaboration with Tata Power. Speakers include A. Mahendran, MD, Godrej Sara Lee, Dr Arup Basu, ED Tata Chemicals, Mr Ashok Sethi Sr VP, Tata Power, Dr Gobind Bagasingh, VP HR Tata Power, Mamta Bakshi, Chief Customer Officer, Godrej Properties
June, 22-25, 2017 : Gautam Mahajan attended, spoke at and chaired a session at Frontiers in Service conference in New York
June, 23, 2017 : A Board Meeting of the Journal of Creating Value was held at Fordham College in New York. Attendees included S, Vargo, A. Parasuraman, Werner Kunz, Sertan Kabadayi, Wolfgang Ulaga, Todd Snelgrove, Diane Magers, Moshe Davidow, Ray Fisk and Gautam Mahajan
June, 21, 2017 : Gautam Mahajan was the lead speaker at the CVCI sponsored round table at Bentley College in Waltham
November 7 and 8, 2016 : Gautam Mahajan gave a series of talks and interactive sessions with Deans, Infrastructre staff, academic staff and students.
May 10, 2016 :

Gautam Mahajan gives a full day seminar and a Customer Circles demonstration to 26 Bankers at the RBI College of Agri Banking in Pune.

See testimonials below:

“I am short of words to thank you for the inspiration that I got from you. I learned many things and I am definitely looking forward to apply it. Thank you with all of my heart.........Mr. Hridaynath Kadu, Branch Manager-Vadkhal Branch, G.P. Parsik Bank Ltd.)

Indeed it was a pleasure listening your session at CAB,

Mr. Pramod Panda, CGM & Principal of CAB in his valediction yesterday asked the participants about our feedback on your session.  Everybody in one voice told that your session was the most enjoyable & useful in the entire training programme.

Reg the customer circles in our bank, I would request you to get in touch with Mr P C Dash, DGM & Principal , IMAGE (our officers staff training centre at Chennai  & our General Manager (CSC) Mr V Gopal who will be in a position to respond in this regard.” ........Mr. V. Viswanathan. Chief Manager-Customer Service, Indian Bank

It is always eye opening to listen to you. In my morning chit chat with the participants, they too liked your presentation and your inimitable style of interactions with them. I have discussed with Principal the idea of putting your book on the wall of cognition in our college as well.”........ Mr. Sundar Murthi, Deputy General Manager, RBI

“Thank You, it was a pleasure to meet you! The programme concluded last evening. Participants expressed their satisfaction with the design and the conduct of the programme. Of course, the sessions handled by you were well received.

I need to apply my mind to the question of follow-up.”
........Mr. Gautam Prakash, AGM and MOF, College of Agricultural Banking, Reserve Bank of India

December 8, 2015 : Mr Mahajan interacts with faculty of THNK School of Creative Leadership at Amsterdam
November, 13 2014 :

November 13, 2014: Mr Gautam Mahajan addresses the staff of Interra IT at NOIDA on Value Creation and Customer Value.

October, 08-09 2014 :

Mr Gautam Mahajan and Dr Vinay Kumar hold an interactive session on Value Creation and a Customer Circle for IIT Mandi administrative staff, security staff, cleaners, drivers, plumbers, electricians, construction and other staff. A Value Creation Council is to be set up.

October, 08 2014 :

Mr Gautam Mahajan along with Dr Vinay Kumar speak at the IIT Mandi Entrepreneur class and assess Entrepreneur proposals.

October, 07 2014 : Mr Mahajan gives a talk to the engineers and management of Hughes Systique on Customer Experience and Value Creation
September, 15 2014 : Mr Gautam Mahajan was the Chief Guest at the Engineers Day at the CSIR Headquarters. He spoke about Value Creation and how to become world class by focusing on how each engineer can improve and contribute and create value
July , 2014 : Mr Mahajan joins the global board of AGILE (Association of  Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership Executives), a Frost and Sullivan initiative
July 13, 2014 : Phase one of Coromandel CVF over
July 9, 2014 : Gautam Mahajan mentors staff and faculty at IIT Mandi
May 9, 2014 : Mr Gautam Mahajan had a Value Creation discussion "Realizing Customer Value - A Conversation with Gautam Mahajan" at Venture Labs in Vancouver, Canada
May 7, 2014 : Mr Gautam Mahajan spoke along with our Value Creation Journal board member Mr Bob Thompson at the Customer-Centric Leadership Forumat Coronado, CA ,onWhat's Next After Customer Experience? Value Creation in the Customer Age”.
April 13, 2014 : Mr Gautam Mahajan visited IIT Mandi, Himachal Pradesh for Exodia 2014 and to speak on Technology.
April 7-8, 2014 : Customer Value Foundation (CVF) through Gautam Mahajan conducted a workshop on "Customer Value Mapping" in Malaysia developed by IBN International
March 08-10- 2014
: Mr Gautam Mahajan to visit IIT Mandi, Himachal Pradesh for Exodia 2014 and to speak on Technology. (POSTPONED FOR ONE MONTH)
March 06, 2014 : Mr Mahajan speaks on Value Creation at Amity University, Noida
February 14, 2014 : Mr Gautam Mahajan spoke on "Technology and Innovation" at Indian Institute of Technology Madras.
February 13, 2014 : Mr Gautam Mahajan gave leadership talk on "Value Creation" at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Department of Management Science.
February 1, 2014 : Mr Gautam Mahajan spoke at Clicklabs Conference on "Returning to Fundamentals for Innovation" in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi
January 24, 2014 : Mr Gautam Mahajan spoke on "Going beyond: Leveraging Customer Value Creation for greater loyalty" at DMAi 2014 Convention, Radisson Blu, Delhi
December 9, 2013 : Mr Gautam Mahajan spoke on Value Creation at XLRI (Xavier School of Management), Jamshedpur
October 22-23, 2013 : Mr Gautam Mahajan chaired the Customer 360 World Forum conference in Berlin, Germany
October 17, 2013 :

Mr Gautam Mahajan addressed CEO's in Warsaw, Poland

September 17, 2013 :
Mr Gautam Mahajan addressed MBA students of Panipat Institute Of Engineering And Technology, Panipat on Customer Value Creation and Management
May 22, 2013 :
Mr Gautam Mahajan chaired 3rd "Maximising Customer Loyalty & Profitability" Telecom Conference on Day-2 organized by Telecom IQ (A division of IPQC), in Germany. This conference had the largest telecom companies from Europe, including Vodafone, T Mobile, Deutsche Telecom, British Telecom, Telefonica Germany and Ireland, Slovak Telekom, One Telecom Slovenia, TDC Denmark, Telenet, Telekomunikacjka Polska, Telecom Italia, Wataniya Mobile Palestine, Azercell telecom, E-Plus Mobilfunk, Telenet Group, VIPnet, Orange, Omnatel Oman, Virgin Mobile, Globe telecom Philippines, IMIMobile, Gemalto, A1 Telekom, Austria,  etc.
May 21, 2013 : Mr Gautam Mahajan chaired a session on Day-1 at 3rd "Maximising Customer Loyalty & Profitability" Telecom Conference organized by Telecom IQ (A division of IPQC), in Germany
April 5, 2013 : Mr Gautam Mahajan addresses senior management of Electrotherm (India) Ltd. on Creating Value and Pricing.
February 25-26, 2013 : Mr. Mahajan spoke on " Advanced Pricing Strategies ", with Bloomasia, in Mumbai
February 22, 2013 : Mr. Mahajan Conducted one day Pricing Seminar in Mumbai on "Value Creation and Enhanced Pricing: Increase Profits through Right Customer Value Pricing", Partnered by GrowBrands, in Mumbai

October 24, 2012


Mr Mahajan conducted one day workshop at Orlando, Fl, USA on "Value creation and Enhanced Pricing: Increase Profits through Right Customer Value Pricing" at the Professional Pricing Society Conference

September 19, 2012 : Mr Mahajan spoke at the Etisalat global forum in Dubai
July 18, 2012 : CVF starts a new program at Zuari Industries, an Adventz company. This is a longer engagement
July 14, 2012 : Gautam Mahajan is Chief Guest at Melange, the first SRM University (50,000 students) alumni meet in NCR. He speaks on Creating Value and Unlearning
July 9, 2012 : Mr Gautam Mahajan spoke at Cuserv India 2012, Mumbai. Cuserv India is India’s Premier Customer Service Event with dedicated Service Leadership Workshop by International Author and Service Expert - ‘RON KAUFMAN’.
September 19, 2011
Various lectures and meetings on Customer Value at San Francisco
September 16, 2011 : Honoured at Columbus Twin Cities Conference
September 15, 2011
: Speech on Alternate energy in India at the Global alternate energy conference in Akron, Ohio
September 13, 2011
: Mr Mahajan delivers the 1st distinguished Engineering lecture at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and later a Manaqgement lecture on Value Creation
September 8, 2011
Citibank hosts lunch for Mr Mahajan in New York
May 25, 2011
: Mr Mahajan inaugurates IACC USA chapter in New York
May 25-26, 2011
: Mr Mahajan opens Suite (Summit for US India Trade and Economics) in New York
March 18, 2011
: Mr Mahajan speaks at the India Direct Selling Association conference
March 11, 2011
: Inauguration of IACC  Habitat Forum with US Undersecretary of State
February 11-12, 2011
: Mr Mahajan opens IACC’s  7th Indo Us Economic Summit
February 7-8, 2011 : Zuari IndustriesTotal CVM and Management Transformation intervention in Goa
February 5, 2011 : National Management School organises CXO seminar on Total CVM in Bangalore, by Mr Mahajan
February 4, 2011 : Mr Mahajan inaugurates Skills development conference in Bangalore
January 19, 2011 : Mr Mahajan honoured by Marwah Film City
January 7-8, 2011 : Total CVM intervention at Style Spa and Zuari Furniture
December 18, 2010 : Mr Mahajan spoke on Total CVM and emerging markets at the international conference of the Indian Academy of Marketing
December 15, 2010 : Mr Mahajan’s new book, Total Customer Value Management: Transforming Business Thinking is released by Sage Response Books
December 10, 2010 : Mr Mahajan addresses Calcutta Management Association
December 1, 2010 : Mr Mahajan hosts Terex Chairman and CEO with IACC
November 19, 2010 : Mr Mahajan spoke at the National HRD Network conference on Total CVM and role of HRD
September 28, 2010 : Mr Mahajan elected President of Indo American Chamber of Commerce
August 23, 2010 : Business India Institute of Finance Launch. Mr Mahajan on Advisory Board
August 6, 2010 : Mr Mahajan spoke at the TIE National HRD Network conference on Total CVM
July 22, 2010 7th CXO Forum : Total CVM seminar
May 14, 2010 Pricing Seminar : Pricing seminar, using Total CVM
April 28, 2010 : Oxford Bookstore Total CVM
April 23, 2010, 5th HRD Forum : Total CVM HRD Forum
March 17th, 2010 CEO Forum : CEO Forum on Total CVM
February 20th, 2010 TV Show : NDTV show with Mr Mahajan on CVM
January 29, 2010 : Mr Mahajan spoke at Custommerce conference in Mumbai
January 22, 2010 3rd CVF CXO Forum HRD (Mumbai) in collaboration with Tata Power : Speakers include A. Mahendran, MD, Godrej Sara Lee, Dr Arup Basu, ED Tata Chemicals, Mr Ashok Sethi Sr VP, Tata Power, Dr Gobind Bagasingh, VP HR Tata Power, Mamta Bakshi, Chief Customer Officer, Godrej Properties
October 30, 2009 2nd CVF CXO Forum : HRD. Attendees include Tata CNAB, Tata Engineering, Baxter, Tata AIG, NDPL
September 30, 2009 : Mr Gautam Mahajan is elected first National VP of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce
September 2009 : Meeta Kalra joins CVF as VP.
August 2009 : Meetings in New York on CVM
August 2009 : Godrej Properties employs India’s first Chief Customer Officer
July 2009 : CVF completes Tata Crop Nutrition’s second Customer Value intervention. This time they opt for Total CVM
June 2009 : CVF completes the second Total CVM intervention
January 2009 : Godrej Total CVM assignment finishes
October, 6, 2008 : Gautam Mahajan spoke in Chester UK to Customers of leading European companies on Total Customer Value Management and co-creating Customer experience and to discuss what their supplier can do to increase value creation for the Customers. This will lead to a supplier Customer partnership and synergy.
October, 3, 2008 : Gautam Mahajan conducted a one day workshop with Business and Marketing heads of Pahwa Enterprise, a fast growing Indian multinational with presence in Asia, the Americas and Europe.
September 19, 2008 : Customer Circles meet at Godrej, mentored by Gautam Mahajan
September 13, 2008 : Customer Circles meet at Tata Fertilser
August 27, 2008 : The first CVF CXO conference sponsored by FICCI. Tata Power’s Ashok Sethi and Tata Crop Nutrition and Agro businesses, Kapil Mehan speak on their experiences on Total CVM. Gautam Mahajan mentors conference
August 2008 : Mr Mahajan helps Azelis SA finalise its acquisition of Marigold International
July 2008 : Total CVM Phase two starts at Tata Fertiliser
June 2008 : Total CVM finishes highly successful engagement at Tata Power. Contact: Ashok Sethi of Tata Power f Mr Mahajan meets Mr Nestor Bouvier Faras of Sapin in Buenos Aires, ILS associates for projects. or information
June 2008 : Gautam Mahajan commences a Total CVM exercise with a software company in Los Angeles USA
June 2008 : Mr Mahajan renews agreement with CVM Inc. in Sao Paola, Brazil
May 2008 : Total CVM signs contract with Tata Fertiliser. This is a repeat contract

May 2008

: Godrej Total CVM contract commences
February 2008 : Mr Mahajan speaks at Orlando Florida at Nova Pak USA
January 2008 : Total CVM commences engagement with Tata Power
January 2008 : CVM speech at Malaga Spain
Orlando, Florida. February 2008 : Mr. Mahajan will speak at Schotland's Nova-Pack Conference
Malaga, Spain January 2008. : Mr. Mahajan speaks on Customer Value to European companies.
Book to be released on november 25, 2007 :
Customer Value Investment: Formula for Sustained Business Success

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Book: Customer Value Investment
Click here to order your copy
November 2007   Tata Chemicals engagement ends (Contact R. Mukundan at Tata Chemicals)
Jaipur August 2007 : Mr Mahajan speaks at seminar to Indian Administrative and Foreign Services officers on India and its image.
  : Seminar (date to be announced in Chennai) with IIT Madras School of Management , and CEO roundtable
Delhi, India
: June 2007, Mr Mahajan helps a presentation to the hospitality industry on customer relations. Most hotel employees (and they are Hotel Management Graduates) have formal customer relations knowledge and knowledge of what hotel companies put on their website.. How to give customer delight?
Delhi, India : May 2007, Mr Mahajan speaks and chairs a session at the Indo Ameican Chamber of Commerce with the Center for American and International Law, and American Bar Association at the Indo US Legal Conference. He is also on the conference committee
Mumbai,India : April 2007, Mr Mahajan speaks on the importance of Customer to Netervala Group’s key executives and CEO’s
Mumbai, India : February 2007, Mr Mahajan speaks on Customer strategy to 60 Godrej & Boyce executives
Mithapur, India : January 2007, Inter-Link conducts a workshop for Tata Chemicals executives
Berlin, Germany : November 2006, Mr Mahajan speaks at the 13th European Fine Chemicals conference
Dallas, USA June 2006 : Mr Mahajan spoke at the Center of American and International Law on India
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2006 onwards, Azelis engagement    
Bangalore, India : December 2006, with Indo American Chamber of Commerce, Customer Value Foundation ran a one day seminar
Calcutta, India : Bengal Chamber of Commerce, 2005, Mr Mahajan delivers an address on Customer Value Management
Shanghai, China : Mr Mahajan delivers address at the Schotland PET conference
Chennai, India : Mr Mahajan addresses MBA students at IIT Madras
Seminars with FICCI : At Delihi and Mumbai on Customer Value Management
Washington DC, US India Business Council Annual Meeting, 2000 : Mr Mahajan presents the American Business Experience in India to over 300 delegates