Great opportunity in cement sector


Inter-link Services help Indian companies to globalize, we have strong presence in latin amercia where the former minister of industry of argentina is our associates. We can help you with oppo. In varies filed like energy, infrastructure, agriculture etc. we are presenting below an opp. In cement industry.


During the last 10 years Argentina has a sustained economic growth. Construction industry was among the ones with bigger growth rate. That causes an increase in cement consumption pushing it to the capacity limit. Forecasts anticipate that Argentina may import cement next year.


Thatīs why itīs an opportunity to build a new cement plant. Even there are many limestone deposits in Argentina, few are big enough for a plant and these ones are. Between the advantages are:

·        Deposit at the side of paved road.

·        Close to small town for employees and international airport.

·        Short distance to Mendoza (850.000 Hab), Santiago de Chile (5.400.000 Hab.), San Rafael (100.000 Hab.)

·        Power lines along the route.

·        Close to Gas pipeline.

·        Near Pacific Ocean through Chile for export to Asia.

·        Railway being build to connect with Pacific Ocean.

Limestone deposits dimensions are:


Total (MM tons)










They have excellent overall quality with CaO content , 55% (maximum) to 46% (minimum), and low SiO2 values for this type of lithology. The CaCO3 content may surpass 97%. The MgO content is very low (0.24 %, one sample analyzed).overall quality.