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Mr Gautam Mahajan to ChairTelecom Loyalty and Profitability Conference in Munich, May 21-23, 2013

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Over 25 Years of Helping Foreign Companies Developing their Business, Enter and Operate in India & Asia, and Indian Companies Globalise

Professional, Multidisciplinary, International Business Development Consulting Firm operating since 1987 and helping clients from America, Europe, Asia, Australia and India. Inter-Link helps companies Enter Asia and India, especially in entry strategy, technology transfer, marketing, business development, and operations, and Indian companies with strategy, globalization, changing the mind-set and thinking through the future, and Customer Value Management. Inter-Link helps you Doing Business in India and Asia.

Inter-Link: is highly respected, and has repeat business, and new business through referrals from existing clients. Our Clients list reads like a who's who of International Business. Our client satisfaction rating is very high. We're headquartered in New Delhi and have outstanding associates to provide personalized advice and services to you. Read about our services, current projects, clients and people and you will conclude you can enhance your success rate and minimize risk by using our services. Contact us for further information and help. .

We have Associates who are experts in their fields and have many years of consulting experience to serve you better.

Our International Associates are in China, USA, Latin America , Europe and Australia


Customer Value Foundation (CVF) Has Started Total Customer Value Management (TCVM)

Customer Value Foundation (CVF)
Customer Value Foundation is an associate company that helps companies worldwide harmonise shareholder value and customer value with quality. With CVA (Customer Value Added), CVF can tell clients why customers buy from them and why they buy from competitors. CVA also pinpoints what is important to Customers in their buying decision. CVA predicts and correlates to market share, gains in loyalty, profit and competitive advantage.

Mr Gautam Mahajan's book:
Customer Value Investment: Formula for Sustained Business Success. And Total Customer Value Management: Transforming Business Thinking
Mr. Mahajan's latest book is out.
Click here to order your copy